6 Basic Rules For Effective Parenting

Parent on a UNITED FRONT

 Always come united as parents in front of your children so they know you work as a team.

 Discuss parenting issues you may not agree on behind closed doors.


Communicate clear rules and boundaries

 Be consistent, specific and clear on your rules and

boundaries, making sure your child understands what you

are communicating.

 Recognize that your child will break some rules and at times

make poor choices.

 Use poor choices as opportunities for life lessons.


Follow-through on consequences

 Be consistent with what you say.


Make family dinners a PRIORITY

 Have family dinners at least three times a week. This is a great time to instill

family values, connect with your children, laugh

and have fun.


Listen to what your heart is telling you

 Realize a parent’s instinct is usually correct.


Show unconditional love

 Especially when your child disappoints you.


Parents can be the most influential voice in their child’s life!

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