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“…I’m glad the presentation brings awareness about the common teenage life. I was crying at the tea cup part,really. I never thought of myself as special.” ~ High School Student

“Teen Esteem brings real world experiences to my classroom. The speakers are well trained and
speak about a great number of issues related to teen life. They have been a great partner in
getting the message of personal responsibility to our students. They use modern language, talk
to our students in an engaging way, and create dialogue that allows our students to feel
comfortable asking questions about relationships.” ~ School Administrator

“I thought it was really important to talk about the topics that were brought up because there is a lot of that kind of thing that goes on in the community and I think most kids at some point go through something like that whether theyre close with someone that does drugs or alcohol or struggles with mental illness or they do it themselves.”  ~ Student

Help Teen Esteem Deliver Our Life-Changing Message!


We can deliver a life-changing message to one student for just $5!  Will you join us in empowering students for life?  Please consider a one-time or monthly donation to Teen Esteem.  We rely on the generosity of supporters just like you to fund Teen Esteem, allowing us to deliver a message of hope to young people who might never otherwise hear that they are valuable and that they can make great choices!

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