Your Partnership Changes Lives

“The assembly was a big ‘light bulb’ moment for me, and I felt empowered to make life changes for the better.”

“I’m glad the presentation brings awareness about the common teenage life. I was crying at the tea cup part, really, I never thought of myself as special. I understand now that we’re all irreplaceable.”

That’s the percentage of students we surveyed who said the Teen Esteem presentation provided them with tools that will make a difference in their life!

“I feel that the presentation helped a lot of people see the harm in cyber bullying and it told us not post mean things about people or friends.”

“The assembly reminded me that high school is not your entire life. It seems like the most important thing in the world but we need to remember that high school, grades or being popular is only important for a little while.”

“Last year there were many times I felt worthless and useless. I even contemplated suicide. The assembly made me realize there is a reason worth living for”

Teen Esteem educates and empowers students, parents, educators and the community on challenges young people face, emphasizing the importance of respect for self and others.

Making a Difference Together

We collected THOUSANDS of student surveys this year following our presentations.


  • 94% said we gave them tools that will make a difference in their lives!
  • 71% agreed we changed how they think about respecting themselves and others
  • 80% we empowered them to make good decisions that will affect their future

The Programs

teachiconClassroom presentations and assemblies for grade, middle and high schools

computericonOnline parenting resources help parents support their students

familyiconParent education events equip parents to reinforce the Teen Esteem message in the home and improve parent-child communication.


Why Your Support Matters

Kids today are loosing their innocence at an alarming rate

“Yes, I have (sexted), not voluntarily. I was threatened and told if I didn’t there would be consequences.”

The need to equip students is crucial!

  • 90% of addictions start in the teenage years
  • 25% of students have misused or abused a prescription drug at least once
  • 17% of students have seriously considered suicide in the last 12 months
  • 88% of kids online have seen someone be mean or cruel to another person online


Our Message to Kids - You Matter!

Our young people are bombarded with many challenges:

Academic & performance based pressures – non-stop social media – bullying – relationship issues – sex – drugs – alcohol – prescription drug abuse

The pressure leaves them feeling worthless, empty and wanting a way out

We CONNECT with them and help them hear that THEY MATTER

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, no one is disposable like a red solo cup

Everyone is unique and has value, like a tea cup

Because of your support this year

Your gift enables growth

Let's make 2016-2017 an even greater success!

Our vision and goal

gradOur vision is for a student to hear the Teen Esteem message 4 times before graduating high school: 3 assemblies (4th/5th, 7th/8th, 11th/12th grade) and 1 classroom presentation (9th grade).

Our 2016-2017 goal is to reach 17,000 students and parents in the Bay Area with our critical message through our assemblies, classroom presentations and parent education events.

Number of volunteer hours logged this year by our speakers!

Save the Date!

We hope to see you on March 18, 2017 for our annual gala

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