Teen Esteem speaks to thousands of kids, parents, educators and community members each year, equipping young people to make courageous, healthy choices based on respect for self and others.



Classroom Presentations


Our Middle School and High School classroom curriculum addresses the importance of making healthy, well-informed decisions.  We provide students with up-to-date statistics, real-life stories and tools to help them think through the consequences of the choices they make when faced with common pressures related social media, academic stress, drugs, alcohol, prescription drug abuse and relationships.


Grade School “Choices of an Everyday Hero” Assembly

Interactive, fun, engaging, age-specific multi-media assemblies that support & affirm students from Kindergarten to 5th grade that their value is in who they are and not in what they do. Our K-3rd grade assembly introduces key concepts of community, how to make a positive difference on campus and how to reach out to those that are hurting.

The 4th & 5th grade assemblies expand on the value of self and others, with emphasis on interpersonal interactions. It also prepares students to make healthy choices when faced with many challenges they may encounter in middle school. Using humor, stories, pop culture and engagement with the audience, our dynamic speakers will encourage students to be a hero and bring positive influence to their communities.

Middle School “Leaving Your Mark” Assembly

Our interactive, energetic, multi-media assembly gives students the tools needed to use cell phones, the internet and social media wisely.  Assembly covers apps, sexting, cyberbullying and more. This assembly lays the groundwork for students to effectively respond to many of the challenges they face online.



Parent Education Night

Intended to precede our school assemblies, Teen Esteem provides parents with up-to-date information as it relates to topics that will be covered with students in the assembly. Expert panel members will provide tools to help equip parents during the turbulent adolescent years.

Workplace Lunch & Learn

Bring a Teen Esteem expert speaker into your workplace for an engaging and informative presentation designed to equip you and your co-workers with tools to help during your parenting years.


Conferences & Workshops

Teen Esteem provides presentations on a variety of topics at conferences and events.  Contact Teen Esteem to book a speaker.


“I liked how they have ways to make us feel better about ourselves and gave us advice to know how to get out of peer pressure.”


“The presentation was life changing because I didn’t realize how much people have been through being bullied on social media.  People really need to stop bullying others on social media and in reality.”


“Wonderful presentation. Helpful information, like knowing the statistics, hearing ‘real’ stories and then giving us some tools to work with.”



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