“The pressures I’m facing are overwhelming; I need to find ways to escape.”


“I have too much going on, I feel like I’m trying to do everything and I just can’t.”


Pressures today can be overwhelming

  • Academically – Success is not just about a GPA, SAT score or what college your child will get into. Some kids may not be suited for the traditional college route, and will be happier and more successful going down a different path.
  • Athletically – Students often struggle amidst the demands of school and sports.
  • Socially – Social media and face-to-face dynamics present a myriad of pressures for kids.

Expectations are coming at me 24/7

  • Who I should be
  • What I should look like
  • How I should act

We are over-scheduled and don’t have much down time


  • Help balance their schedule – don’t overschedule them.
  • Role model what it means to have balance.
  • Frequently turn off the TV, put away cell phones and technology and go for a walk, bike ride, play a game or just do something fun.
  • Help them balance the pressure – home should be a retreat from their pressures.
  • Have down time as a family.
  • Help them find their passion, which may not necessarily be your passion. They all have their own unique gifts and talents. They are much more likely to be happy if they are doing something they are passionate about, not something they feel others want them to do.
  • Validate them, avoid criticizing or being judgmental.
  • Recognize that coming from a divorce, a single parent home, or blended family can be hard. If you see them struggling, you may want to seek outside support from a counselor.
  • Gradually give them their independence. This may be different for each child, depending on their maturity and ability to be responsible.
  • Realize for every child you have, they are different and what one has the ability to do, the other may not. Build on each one’s individual strengths.
  • Let them fail, we all learn from failure. We are not helping our kids to be prepared for adult life if we always try to fix things for them. They need to learn how to resolve their problems. When they do fail, come alongside them, encourage them, and let them know you love them no matter what.


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